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GarageGames to support X360

Acquires BraveTree Productions.

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Oregon-based developer GarageGames Studios has announced plans to develop games for Microsoft's next-gen Xbox 360 console, acquiring BraveTree Productions as part of a new expansion.

Mark Frohnmayer has been promoted to the role of president at the studio, which is best known for its Torque development platform.

"With the expanded opportunities like Xbox 360 it was natural to want to include the BraveTree team," said Frohnmayer.

"This allows us to work together to support our mutual passion for making fun games - benefiting both of us with increased creative collaboration as well as putting more energy and investment directly into games."

Joe Maruschak, formerly of BraveTree and now creative director for GarageGames, added: "Getting to focus just on creating games without the distractions of running an indie studio fulfills our original purpose in founding BraveTree.

"The way GarageGames is structured will give us the opportunity to contribute to the success of the games and technology."

GarageGames' previous titles include ThinkTanks and Marble Blast, both already available via the Xbox Live Arcade download service in the US. The service is launching in Europe this week.

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