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EA's next-gen games

You'll never guess, oh no.

The world of videogames was rocked to its very foundations today as EA revealed that almost all of its first batch of next-gen games will be based on sports and feature "06" in the title.

Yes, jaws will drop at E3 next week as the publisher unveils Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06, FIFA 06, Madden NFL 06 and NBA Live 06 for unspecified next-gen consoles. Plus - we hope you're sitting down - Need For Speed Most Wanted.

A bit more exciting is the news that next-gen versions of The Godfather are also in development. Like the PC, PS2, PSP and Xbox games, due out in the autumn, it will feature the voices and likenesses of Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall and James Caan.

EA says it has been working on its next-gen offerings for the past two years, using proprietary technology to create a "diverse line-up" that will give us a taste of what the new consoles can do.

"These games are so rich in terms of graphic fidelity, levels of detail in relation to characters and environments, audio, gameplay innovation and overall entertainment value that they will draw in new consumers and give even the most seasoned gamers something to cheer about," said EA bigwig Don Mattrick.

"This next generation of games will hoist interactive entertainment to an unprecedented position on the entertainment ladder." Right, thanks for that.

You can view EA's full E3 line-up here.