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Zelda holds on to the number one slot

Xbox and Cube releases for Burnout 2 propel Acclaim into the top ten.

Nintendo's Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker has stayed at number one in the UK All-Formats sales charts for a second week, while Xbox and Cube releases for Burnout 2 propelled it back into the top ten.

The fears expressed in some retail quarters that stock shortages of Wind Waker would push it down the charts in week two - as happened to Metroid Prime earlier this year - have proved unfounded, with the game continuing to sell strongly.

However, other than the long-awaited appearance of Burnout 2 on formats other than the PS2, the charts are mostly static this week. Other new appearances are strategy mission pack Medieval: Total War - Viking Invasion on the PC, which appears at number 20, Xbox action title Bloodrayne which shows up a week late at number 29, and EA's NBA Street Vol 2, which is also a week late and scrapes into the top 40 at number 38.

Take 2's Midnight Club 2 continues to sell very well, and is actually up one place this week to number two, displacing Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell which drops into third place. The rest of the top ten is fairly predictable - The Sims? Check. Championship Manager 4? Check. FIFA 2003? Check. GTA Vice City? Check. Dancing Stage Party Edition? Check. X-Men Wolverine's Revenge also continues to sell, no doubt assisted by the box office success of the movie X2.

This week is make or break week for Infogr... sorry, Atari, as Enter the Matrix appears across all formats on May 15th. With a global shipment figure for the game topping four million units, it'll be a huge disappointment for the company if it doesn't achieve a number one position in the charts in its first week on sale.