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Hellboy game in the works?

Konami to develop and publish, director and comic book creator to, er, be consulted.

Talks are in progress to develop a Hellboy game based on the 2004 film, according to a Guillermo Del Toro fansite.

Del Toro, who directed the movie, is said to have posted a message revealing that "A deal has been finalised with Konami for a Hellboy videogame based on the movie version of the characters and world.

"Expect new monsters, new villains (and the return of one of our favourite ones) and a new storyline."

Del Toro goes on to say that himself and Mike Mignola are "in discussions to come on board as consultants." Mignola is the creator of the Hellboy comics.

"Hope it happens," Del Toro adds.

And let's hope it's better than PC and PS1 title Hellboy: Asylum Seeker, eh.