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Blitz confirms support for Rev

All to be revealed... Soon.

Warwickshire-based developer Blitz Games has announced that it's been signed up to produce a game for the Nintendo Revolution.

No further details have been revealed so far, but we do know that a "major publisher" is involved. Plus, judging by comments from Blitz co-founder Andrew Oliver, it'll make use of the "freestyle" remote controller: "Nintendo's innovation over the years has trail blazed new concepts and the new controller is no exception.

"It will give people new ways to play existing genres but moreover we hope it will spawn altogether new gaming experiences."

Fellow Oliver twin and Blitz CEO Philip added: "This latest addition to our portfolio clearly signals that Blitz is one of the few major developers with the capability and technology to work on both next and current generation titles simultaneously."

Then there's some stuff about a "well structured tool chain" and "cross platform engine", but the point is they reckon they're dead good at doing games and this one is going to be wicked.

Blitz Games was set up in 1990 by the Oliver twins, best known for creating a stupid egg called Dizzy whose endless succession of comedy hats only served to make him increasingly hateful. They've since developed more than 100 games, with latest releases including Bad Boys II and Pac-Man World 3.