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Davilex unveils Knight Rider 2

The first one was big in Europe...

Dutch publisher Davilex has announced a follow-up to Knight Rider - The Game, which did surprisingly well following its PS2 and PC release in November 2002, shifting more than 170,000 units in Europe. Knight Rider 2 is once again set to appear on PS2 and PC, with a worldwide release penned for Q4 2004.

According to Davilex, the sequel will address feedback on the first game, adding a number of features without sacrificing the feel of the original - and the David Hasselhof-fronted TV series - although the claims are somewhat vague - more action, in-game animations, special effects and dialogue, anyone?

What we do know is that Knight Rider 2 will add combat sections and mini-game rewards to its existing array of chase, race, exploration and puzzle-themed missions. Players will retain control of KITT and use his various abilities - driving ski-mode down narrow alleys, turning up the speed with Turbo Boost, scanning buildings to analyse situations and using night vision to see in the dark.

Amongst his new skills, KITT is now capable of combat mode, which will see him wielding various weapons to fight off robots, armoured vehicles and the resurgent menace of Garth, Michael (Hasselhof)'s evil twin brother (with a moustache). Rewards for his exploits include various mini-games; dirt track racing and shooting galleries being those we know about, unlocked by completing certain missions. Oh, and we can expect to see a two-player split-screen multiplayer mode in there too.

Knight Rider 2 is due out towards the end of the year.