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FIFA tops UK Charts

Zelda is Wii's best-seller.

FIFA '07 is number one in the all-formats chart for a third week running, having seen off rival PES6 once again and beaten launch titles for Nintendo's new Wii console.

EA is also occupying the number two slot with Need for Speed: Carbon - the bookies' favourite to be Christmas number one.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is up one place to number three, following increased sales of the PSP and Xbox 360 versions, while Call of Duty 3 drops into fourth position.

Making its debut at number five is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - one of six of the 14 Wii launch titles to go straight into the all-formats chart.

It's estimated that around two thirds of those picking up one of Nintendo's new consoles also bought a copy of Zelda, making it the best-selling Wii title so far - followed by Wii Play, which comes bundled with a remote controller, and is at number nine in the all-formats top ten.

Ubisoft lined up no less than seven Wii titles for day one, and Red Steel was the third most popular game for the console, followed by Rayman Raving Rabbids at four, Monster 4x4 World Circuit at eight and GT Pro Series at nine.

In the all-formats chart Red Steel debuted at 19, while Rayman went in at number 30. The highest climber of the week was Happy Feet, also a Wii launch title, up seven places to number 11.

Nintendo's handheld is still going strong, with 14 DS games in the top 40 - including Yoshi's Island DS at number 36, which has almost doubled sales during its second week of release, and Big Brain Academy at 39.

Xbox 360 title Project Gotham Racing 3 is up 14 places to number 36, and Xbox 360 Live Arcade Unplugged has appeared in the chart for the first time at number 35.