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Alien Syndrome revealed

Totally Games' SEGA project.

SEGA has revealed that Totally Games is developing a modern day version of old-days arcade title Alien Syndrome for Nintendo Wii and PSP.

Both versions are due out in summer 2007, and take the form of an action-RPG in which players boss Earth Command Trooper Aileen Harding as she battles to sort out aliens on spaceships and various weird planets.

You'll get to customise your character a bit before you start, and upgrade her abilities throughout the game, with a total of 20 different ranged and melee weapons to unlock too - including flamethrowers, quad-barrelled lasers, nanobot swarms and grenades.

The Wii version will apparently let players use the controller's unique motion sensing capability to slash through enemies. It'll also be used to help craft new items, hack computers and customise abilities.

Meanwhile, the PSP version of the game will offer support for four-player wireless co-operative gaming, although it's not obvious whether you'll be able to do that on the Internet or not.

Totally Games' Larry Holland sounds like he's enjoying development, noting, "it has allowed us to exercise our science fiction chops to the fullest". He describes the new Alien Syndrome as, "a refreshing blast-athon on a venerable classic" that's been "redesigned from the ground up" for its two new platforms.

The original Alien Syndrome began life in the arcade in 1987, but also appeared on everything from the NES, Master System and Amiga to, later, DOS and eventually the Game Gear.