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Nintendo Wii touring Japan

Public displays ahead of launch.

Nintendo has announced plans to put new Wii and DS titles in the hands of Japanese gamers during a tour of the country next month.

With the Wii set to go on sale in the region on 2nd December, "Nintendo World 2006" will give potential buyers the chance to sample software.

Despite having taken playable Wii software to E3, and on a global press tour last month, Nintendo has yet to give the Japanese public a chance to get their hands on it - as Tokyo Game Show does not feature in the company's annual planning.

Nintendo World 2006 will take in Nagoya on 3rd November, Osaka on 12th November, and the Makuhari Messe - the traditional home of TGS - in Tokyo on 25th and 26th November.

There will be no admission charge for any of the events, which will run for seven hours each day.