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Majesco reiterates Wii support

Bust-A-Move on track for 2007.

Majesco has said that it has a pair of Nintendo Wii titles in development, reiterating that the first - Bust-A-Move Revolution, announced during E3 - is due out in early 2007.

Details on the second title were not forthcoming, but there's speculation in some quarters that it will be the Wii version of DS title Cooking Mama, "Cooking With International Friends", that Taito unveiled at E3. Majesco publishes the US version of Cooking Mama DS.

As part of the company's third-quarter financial report, interim CEO Jesse Sutton said the company remains focused on its strategy to work on "value products and lower-cost games for handheld systems" and "products with mass market appeal", under which umbrella it believes the Wii falls.

"Looking forward, we believe that Nintendo's new Wii console has excellent potential to capture the mass market gamer while remaining within our more conservative cost structure," Sutton added.