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MS bloke doubts PS3 PAL date

Aussie boss speaks out.

Microsoft’s top Xbox executive in Australia has expressed doubts about whether the PlayStation 3 will launch in PAL territories during March, and little surprise at the console's delay.

The comments echo those of Xbox UK boss Neil Thompson who last week told that he wasn’t surprised that Sony had "backed away" from a global launch of the PlayStation 3.

“(The PS3 delay) doesn’t surprise me. And it further wouldn’t surprise me if this product wasn’t seen in March next year either,” said David McLean, regional director for Xbox Australia, speaking to Gamespot.

“We have always been comfortable with our strategy for Christmas irrespective of Sony. We are completely unsurprised by this situation.”

“We have actually been a little surprised at how surprised other people have been,” he added.

McLean also couldn’t resist a further boast of the Xbox 360s installed base, adding, “It would have been nice for people to really contrast what the Xbox 360 had to offer versus Sony this Christmas, so the vapourware aspect could go away.”

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