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THQ supports Revolution

With games, just to be clear.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

The Revolution may not be televised, then, but it'll probably be backed by lots of fuzzy Nickelodeon characters – following THQ's recent confirmed that it's developing "games for Revolution". As opposed to socks, hankies and muffins – although we could do with some of them too.

Speaking at a year-end press event recently (presumably in a financial sense, since we're pretty sure it's September), THQ boss Brian Farrell made the remarks and then made it clear, "We are committed to Nintendo's [Revolution]." Well, clear once IGN added the square brackets anyway. What's more, "We're seeing more from Nintendo now than we have on any other Nintendo platform."

Other publishers who have pledged support to Revolution include Square Enix, Konami, Bandai, and Ubisoft, which confirmed its support at a recent press and trade event in the UK.

What the Revolution actually is remains to be seem in some respects, as the controller – one of the most critical and unconventional aspects, according to Nintendo – has yet to be revealed, though it may be at the Tokyo Game Show next week when company president Satoru Iwata delivers a keynote.

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