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BioWare's next Xbox RPG unveiled

Snigger. One for - chortle - jaded gamers!

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Popular gamesmiths BioWare will be making another one of those oh-so-fashionable role-playing games for the Xbox, according to word seeping out of Microsoft this week. This is in line with what we were told last August - that, in addition to the phenomenal interstellar "star trek" [good phrase! -Ed] that is Knights of the Old Republic, BioWare will be making two new RPGs; one for Xbox, and one for the PC.

The new Xbox RPG, which is of course as exclusive as these things generally get, is called Jade Empire, and we know the following things about it: it is set in an ancient and mysterious land which draws on Imperial China, Mayan and Aztec architecture; you will play a young martial arts student attempting to garner respect from the locals; you will have to set off on a long journey to "find yourself", developing skills and building a reputation; and you can choose to be good or evil, bringing honour and riches to your kin or just slaughtering them all mercilessly. This being a BioWare game, we're also told to anticipate a skill system which is reflected in the aesthetics of combat, and a mixture of fighting styles to master.

Apparently BioWare will talk more about Jade Empire at this year's Tokyo Game Show starting September 26th, but we'd be surprised if Microsoft has nothing to say about it at next week's X03 media event in the South of France...

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