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Call of Duty's multiplayer bits revealed

"Rock, Paper, Scissors".

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Image credit: Eurogamer

GameSpot has conducted a short interview with Infinity Ward president Grant Collier on the previously undisclosed multiplayer features of Call of Duty, the demo of which Kristan jumped in the trench with last week. The game will feature four main multiplayer modes: two of the modes will of course be deathmatch and team deathmatch, but alongside these will be seek and destroy, and retrieval modes.

However, the core of each mode is extremely flexible and the very rules of reality itself can be twisted and skewed like some kind of mad bendy reality thing via a custom scripting language. This of course means the community can quickly and easily create new game modes.

Collier goes on to talk about the developer's "Rock, Paper, Scissors" approach to the multiplayer aspects of CoD, but ends up making it sound a lot like many other multiplayer war games out there. He goes on to make a big thing about voice commands that simultaneously highlight the communicating player positions on your compass, how each nation has different weapons, and if one side has too many of a specific class they'll find themselves overwhelmed. You have heard of Battlefield 1942, haven’t you chaps?

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