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Audio/video messaging on PSP?

Or just get a phone. Or legs.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Following on from the addition of a web browser and wireless photo sharing in a recent software update to the PSP, Sony is now considering a host of new functionality for the console - which may include the introduction of a camera.

Speaking to Japanese magazine Famitsu in an interview partially translated by US website GameSpot, SCE software platform development boss Izumi Kawanishi revealed that he is currently planning a new style of messaging application for the PSP.

"We're currently considering [the implementation of an e-mail system], but we want to think over the fundamental concept behind e-mail," he commented. "We think it would be great if people could communicate together with the use of video and voice."

In order to achieve this, the PSP would have to be equipped with a camera and microphone - leading to the conclusion that Sony must be considering the creation of an EyeToy style peripheral for the system.

Another key new piece of functionality which is planned for introduction on the PSP in the near future is support for streaming video off the internet - allowing users to watch movies without having to save them to Memory Stick - and digital rights management (DRM) technology which will pave the way for paid-for content on the system.

Until DRM is in place on PSP, few media publishers are likely to allow their content to be distributed in PSP-friendly formats online, which will reduce the potential usefulness of the device as a portable media centre.

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