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Hip Europe lives on

Despite American bankruptcy.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Hip Interactive Europe has issued a statement this afternoon explaining that it will be continuing business as usual despite the bankruptcy of the North American division of the company, Hip Interactive Corp.

Both the firm's Hip Games videogame publishing and Hip Gear peripheral manufacturing divisions will be unaffected by the bankruptcy, and the company's release schedule will also remain as previously stated.

"Hip Interactive Europe will pursue its activities as a publisher, a distributor as well as a peripheral provider," the statement reads. "Hip Interactive Europe confirms the upcoming releases, end of September, of its line-up with titles such as Rugby Challenge 2006, Garfield 'Saving Arlene' as well as its exciting line of accessories for all consoles including the Sony PSP handheld."

The firm's 2006 line-up of titles includes George A Romero's City of the Dead, Ghost Wars and Call of Cthulu: Destiny's End, all of which the firm says remain on track for release as planned.

Canada-based Hip Interactive Corp declared its bankruptcy last night, after last minute talks aimed at securing new investment for the company fell through, and its primary investor - Congress Financial Corp. - applied to the courts for a bankruptcy order.

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