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Sony's Hungry Ghosts surface

First in a line of Hungry games also to include Hungry Hungry Hippos. Not really.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Hungry Ghosts is an incredibly intriguing title that's set to launch in Japan on July 31st, according to GameSpot. The game sees the player as a character on their way to the gates of judgement before their final resting place. In life, the character wasn't a particularly nice chap and as such is destined for hell, but the player is able to sway their fate through their actions.

The game is very much reliant on the freedom of choice, and there is no set storyline or path to follow, with the game weighing in at anything from two hours to over 15 hours depending on the decisions the player chooses to make. Eventually, the player will reach judgement and will be analysed on their performance throughout the game, thusly determining their final resting place. Reliance on following hints will mean the player is guilty of dependency, and random killing sprees will make them guilty of destruction and these, amongst others, will be weighed up for and against you.

Apparently the game is about 95 per cent complete, but there's no news of a Western release as yet.

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