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Miyamoto talks Wii plans

It's all about connectivity.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that you'll be able to link your DS up with your Wii, adding that the relevant technology is already nestled inside Nintendo's next-gen console.

Speaking to Kotaku, Mario's dad said that Nintendo has yet to work out the best way of using that technology, however.

He went on to say that a connectivity service will be up and running in time for the Wii launch, with a bit of luck - and if not, shortly after. You might find yourself downloading content from the Wii, mucking about with it on your DS, and then uploading it back to the console. He also hinted that the DS's touch screen and microphone functions could be used to play Wii games.

In addition, Nintendo is hoping to introdcue a unique personalisation tool, so that each gamer in your house could have their own Wii controller with personalised game settings. The Wii will automatically adjust settings depending on which controller is used to switch the machine on or join in a gaming session. Should stop your Mum from messing the whole thing up when she hops on for a sneaky game of Wii Solitaire, with a bit of luck.

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