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Drug empire RTS for Xb/PC

"Snow" will be at E3.

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2K Games (which is Take-Two wearing a special hat) has announced Snow, a real-time strategy game based around building up a criminal empire.

It's due out on Xbox and PC in 2006, and some guy on a video says he wouldn't be surprised if it was done on Xbox 360. But, as you'll know if you've been following our build up to the MTV special, there's some debate about that.

What we do know is that it's being developed by Take-Two's Frog City studio, and that it'll be on display at E3 on 2K Games' booth.

We also have senior veepee of publishing Christoph Hartmann's comments. "Snow's gritty story follows the tradition of classic movie and television crime dramas and requires players to oversee every aspect of the criminal organization, all of which require calculated thinking in order to make your business prosper while at the same time keeping it safe from other rival kingpins," he says. "This will surely make for an intense, paranoid and most importantly, strategic gaming experience."

Frankly we're surprised Rockstar isn't publishing it. Oh, and there's a teaser on the Frog City website that might well be related to it.

More at E3.

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