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Fox for five UMD movies

Hang on. No Star Wars?!

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20th Century Fox has announced that it's to launch five of its movies on the new UMD disc format used by the PlayStation Portable this summer, with further titles due to be announced later in the year.

The first five films to arrive on UMD from Fox will be Super Troopers, Napoleon Dynamite, I, Robot, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and Predator - representing a fairly broad cross section of the studio's recent output.

Notably absent from the line-up, however, are any of the Star Wars films, whose DVD releases were handled by Fox Home Video. However, more titles from the studio are on the way, the company has confirmed.

"We are extremely supportive of this new technology," Fox Home Entertainment worldwide president Mike Dunn announced whilst using his mighty arms to hold up a PSP box (presumably), "and are currently assembling a robust library of titles for release that are perfectly suited for the PSP and its core demo."

Fox joins a number of other studios who have provided software support for the movie playing functionality of the PSP, including Disney and Miramax, and of course Sony Pictures itself. Both Universal and Paramount are also said to be in talks over releasing titles on the platform.

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