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Eidos gets Whiplash

Cartoon. Zany. Platformer. Wacky.

Eidos seems rather excitable and keen to wave about its new character-centric action platform whatsit Whiplash under our nose, a game that's in development for PS2 and Xbox by Crystal Dynamic. There aren't actually many details about the game around, but the title is apparently attempting to cash in on the rush of Jak & Daxter-alikes.

Whiplash sees slapstick duo Spanx and Redmond attempting to escape an animal testing facility, which sounds charming, and from the screenshots we've seen the visual style seems to represent a "zany" and "wacky" adventure, which all seems par for the course, but we know little more than that. I expect the others might play it at E3 or something, after they're done with Half-Life 2 and that. Sigh...