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The Roots canned

'Serious problems' to blame.

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Software publisher Cenega has announced that it has severed its ties with developer Tanhauser Gate, and that development on the PC and Xbox title The Roots has been cancelled.

In a company statement, Cenega said that "serious problems" occurred during the development process, apologising to fans who have been "patiently, yet eagerly awaiting the release of the game."

An action-RPG set in the fictional universe of Lorath, The Roots had already suffered several delays during its development, but no further confirmation as to the nature of the problems that have resulted in the game's cancellation have been revealed.

Tanhauser Gate was not available for comment at the time of writing, and it is not clear at this stage whether or not development of the title will continue if a new publishing deal is secured elsewhere.

Cenega, which will be present at this year's E3 expo in May, has announced the development of two new titles for PC, including a new game in its acclaimed UFO series. The statement regarding the cancellation of The Roots concludes: "We hope that the release schedule of Cenega Publishing will provide other interesting game titles [for Roots fans]."

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