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Mario Golf on June 18th

And other gems from Nintendo's release schedule. Sort of.

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Nintendo has sent out its Q1/Q2 release schedule for the UK, which pretty much applies to the whole of Europe without much contradiction. The most significant change since the last instalment is the addition of a firm date for Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, which will be teeing off on June 18th - over nine months after its American release date.

The Nintendo schedule also confirms recent reports relating to Serious Sam: Next Encounter's appearance on the Cube - Take-Two will be publishing that on April 16th by the current estimate. Other third party titles we haven't seen solid dates for in the past include Spider-Man 2: The Movie, which is Activision's next multi-platform adaptation of Peter Parker's exploits, apparently due on July 9th to coincide roughly with the film.

Otherwise there isn't a great deal we didn't know. The outstanding first-party/exclusive titles for the first half of 2004 are Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (March 12th), Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (March 26th), Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (also March 26th) and the aforementioned Mario Golf (June 18th). Nintendo also highlights Pokémon titles Pokémon Channel (April 2nd) and Pokémon Colossum (May 19th), and Natsume's Medabots: Infinity (Q2).

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