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Harvest Moon DS and Magical Melody Cube this spring

RSG rolls its sleeves up.

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Rising Star Games has revealed that it will release both Harvest Moon DS and Harvest Moon Magical Melody for GameCube in PAL territories this spring, and that Nintendo of Europe will distribute both.

The Nintendo DS version blah blah unique features of hardware blah blah, but let's be honest, we all want to stroke cows and sheer sheep using our styli. That's what the system was designed for.

The Cube one, meanwhile, sees the player trying to collect 100 musical notes spread throughout the game world in order to help the Harvest Sprites restore the Harvest Goddess to her former self. She's been turned to stone, apparently. Can't be nice.

"The series has grown in quality ever since the initial release in 1997," says Martin Defries, COO of RSG. "These two titles will be the best yet, evolving ideas present in the original game and introducing new twists on the much-loved gameplay. We're really excited about both."

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