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Disciples III changing devs

But going where?

Strategy First says that it's terminated a development agreement with Game Factory Interactive, and as a result Disciples III will no longer be developed by GFI's MiST Land South studio.

Acrimonious? Hard to tell. The original agreement with GFI, announced in June 2004, covered Jagged Alliance 3D, Jagged Alliance 3 and Disciples III. The fate of Jagged Alliance 3, last thought to be in the early stages of development, is unknown, but Strategy First says GFI is still under contract to do JA3D and MiST Land South is working on it - comments supported by the developer's website.

Strategy First says it will announce shortly who is developing Disciples III in MiST Land's place.

Yesterday, the publisher said that it planned to release Dangerous Waters and Space Empires IV Deluxe via Valve's Steam digital distribution setup following an announcement ages ago that it would be taking advantage of the Valve system. Several of its games should be released that way during 2006.