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Fight Night PS3 dated

For the Americans anyway.

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The game everyone except all of you has taken to calling "Fighty McNighty" will be arriving on PlayStation 3 in the USA on 12th December, EA Sports has revealed.

So that's Fight Night Round 3, just in case you were in any doubt, which is of course already out on Xbox 360 - where it was one of the most popular downloadable demos ever, and a big critical success and everything.

The PS3 version will have some of its own moves to show off though, including the previously announced "Get in the Ring" mode, where you can play the game entirely in first-person.

That ought to be quite an experience, too, since one of the things FNR3 was most widely acclaimed for was its brutally realistic depiction of facial damage.

Anyway, as for when it's out over here, EA simply has it down as "TBA", but our money's on it being served up at the PS3's European launch.

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