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GAME sells out PSP allocation

Shiny handheld gone.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Leading UK specialist retail chain GAME has stopped taking pre-orders for the launch of Sony's multi-media handheld, the PlayStation Portable, weeks before the machine is set to go on sale this September.

The chain store has made a public announcement regarding its pre-order scheme, noting that no more orders will be taken until after the September 1st release.

"ATTENTION: We have run out of our initial allocation of Sony PSPs but are continuing to take orders for our next batch - expected sometime in September," says the statement. "As the UK's leading gaming specialist you have the best chance of securing one through us, so pre-order now to secure yourself a place in the queue."

"Please be aware that if you have already ordered your console from us before 4pm on August 5th 2005, rest assured that you will receive your PSP for release day," it concludes.

The news comes after a storm of activity from Sony Europe, which has clamped down on US and Japanese imports of its handheld, most recently suing popular online retailer, Lik-Sang, over PSP shipments to the continent.

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