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Football Manager on Xbox 360

With January transfer data, too.

Those of a woolly-jacketed, shouting-at-chilly-sportsmen-type bent will be pleased to learn that Football Manager 2006 is on its way to Xbox 360. As Miles Jacobson, outspoken MD of the developer, put it: "Finally a home console system is being released that can do Football Manager justice."

The X360 version feature everything you'll find in this November's PC version, and will be out in time to include league and player data accurate up to the end of this winter's transfer window, too.

That means that all the stuff we told you about the other day - adjustable tactics mid-game, half-time and full-time team talks, far more statistical depth, interface overhauls and the like - will apply to the X360 version.

With Codemasters' competing LMA Manager series already bound for X360, Sports Interactive's announcement is good news for those loyal to the London developer's genre-leading alternative. FM 2006 is already due out on PC and Mac this November 4th - with winter transfer data to be released later as a free update - but those prepared to wait until early spring should find themselves faced with the series' best console turn of all. There's also a PSP version in development due out in spring.

We'll bring you more on FM 2006 on Xbox 360 very soon.