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Konami ready to rock?

Registers 'Guitar Revolution'.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Konami has registered the trademark "Guitar Revolution" with the US Patent & Trademark Office - although it refuses to be drawn on why.

Filed on June 29th, the trademark relates to game software, but also peripherals that sound a lot like the ones used by critical darling Guitar Hero, along with arcade machines and so on.

Obviously "Guitar Revolution" fits in rather snugly with Konami's other musical titles - Dance Dance Revolution (known as Dancing Stage in Europe) and Karaoke Revolution.

But the biggest clue, and certainly the one people will point at, is that Konami has form in this area - having been responsible for the original guitar-controller title GuitarFreaks, which came out in the late 90s in the arcades and on PSone and PS2.

Whether the Guitar Revolution trademark has anything to do with any of that is not something we can comment on though - when we put all of this to Konami representatives earlier, they gave us the usual line about not commenting on "rumour and speculation".

"And certainly not on trademark submissions!"

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