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Rare to support DS?

Dev's job ads suggest so.

British developer Rare has posted a number of new job listings on its website, confirming long-standing rumours that the Microsoft owned studio is working on software for the Nintendo DS handheld.

The firm is seeking both artists and programmers to work on DS projects, and specifically names the Nintendo DS in the job titles of the roles it's seeking to fill.

This comes as confirmation of long-standing rumours about the studio's support for the DS, and won't be a surprise to many people - even after its acquisition by Microsoft, Rare continued to support the GBA and has actually released more GBA titles than Xbox titles since changing hands.

What will be interesting to see is whether any form of connectivity between the Nintendo DS and the Xbox 360 is implemented as part of Rare's titles for the handheld, as has been suggested by a number of news reports over the past week.

It's possible, in theory, that an Xbox 360 with a wireless network adapter could talk directly to Rare titles in the Nintendo DS - but whether Nintendo would allow one of its handheld consoles to interface with a competitor's home console is, of course, another matter entirely.