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New Pandora Tomorrow maps on Live

Premium playgrounds for Splinter Cell fanatics.

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Ubisoft has released a pair of new Pandora Tomorrow multiplayer maps into the wild this week, giving Xbox-owning spies and mercs the chance to sneak and protect some new environments - assuming they're prepared to pay a few quid for the privilege, as the latest downloadable update is yet another 'premium' offering.

The two maps, River Mall and Federal Reserve Bank, have however been prompting quite a satisfied response from those we've spoken to who have played them. River Mall apparently has spies beginning near the top (Day of the Dead style!) and working their way down into the mall, and the use of bright shopping centre interiors makes it hard to stay out of sight, which should be interesting.

We've also seen a shop in one area of the mall featuring unsold copies of Beyond Good & Evil and other Ubi Xbox games. It's a pity you can't go inside and buy them up - BG&E remains one of the most under-appreciated gems in Ubisoft's recent catalogue. But we digress...

The other map, Federal Reserve Bank, has been described as "relatively small", but is split up somewhat into an area outside the vault, and an area inside which the spies can access once they deactivate the magnetic seal and find a way through.

It'll be interesting to see how popular the two maps turn out to be given the premium price tag, but we have a feeling that dedicated Pandora Tomorrow types will cave in to the cost sooner or later. It's just a pity we can't pinch some gold bars from the bank to cover the costs, really...

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