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Rare doing Diddy Kong DS

Still in bed with Nintendo.

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Rare has officially confirmed its involvement in the development of Diddy Kong Racing on Nintendo DS, marking the first - but not necessarily the last - collaboration with its former partner since the studio was bought by Microsoft.

Arguably producing some of their best work with Nintendo, there was serious and justifiable doubt as to whether or not the two companies would work together again after Microsoft coughed up $375 million for Rare - but it's all turned out all right.

In a post on the company website, Rare revealed: "Yes, Diddy Kong Racing is our first official DS project."

Apparently it's "based on the N64 classic but improved and expanded in ways that only the DS allows," and will feature remodelled and retextured tracks. You can also expect a new mode called TT's Wish Races which that lets you design and race around your own custom-built course.

There's also a bunch of new characters to play with, customisable vehicles, new weapons and gameplay modes, plus eight-player single and multi-card Wi-Fi play. Oh, and touch-screen and microphone functionality - and Rare says that's only the half of it.

No release date for the title has been set yet, but check back for more details soon.

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