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Guinness World Records to produce videogame edition

Ellie to moonlight in it.

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Guinness World Records plans to launch a new videogame edition of its famous book of records, bringing together a wide range of game-related achievements and information.

Called "Guinness World Records - Videogame Edition 2008", the book will include reviews of the 20 biggest games of the year (8/10), record scores and fastest times, hardware profiles, sales figures and technical achievements made by individual games (e.g. how Viva Piñata is best).

The book will also answer questions such as which pro gamers earn the most money, what's the single highest score ever in a game, and which is the most successful console of all time.

Somewhat undermining the book's credibility will be celebrity consultant and editor Ellie Gibson, so expect at least fourteen Star Wars games and probably a category for "Fittest Developer".

"We reintroduced videogaming world records to our annual book a few years ago, and it’s proved to be one of the most popular sections with our core readers. It makes sense, therefore, to dedicate an entire annual to the subject," said Guinness World Records editor in chief Craig Glenday.

"Our record researchers are already scouring the videogaming community for superlatives, and the vast number of games, gamers, developers and platforms mean that we have an incredible pool of content to dip into each year. It's going to be a very exciting project," Glenday added.

"The news that Guinness World Records has decided to produce a book devoted to games is great for both gamers and the industry," said Gibson. "It's another boost for the profile of gaming, and I'm very much looking forward to getting started."

The Guinness World Records - Videogame Edition 2008 will be officially unveiled on stand D505 at the London Book Fair, which takes place between 16th and 18th April.

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