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Fable due on PC this autumn

Fable: The Lost Chapters will feature more content, better visuals and will be fully optimised for Windows, Microsoft reveals.

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Big Blue Box's chart-topping Xbox RPG Fable will make its way onto PC this autumn - with Microsoft announcing that a Windows version is underway at Big Blue owner Lionhead Studios. Screenshots here.

Called Fable: The Lost Chapters, the Windows version has been optimised for its new home and plays host to more content, improved visuals and a greater capacity for customisation.

The Xbox version of Fable was really well received upon its release last year, and has sold more than 1.4 million copies worldwide in the meantime according to Microsoft. It's an RPG where you grow up with your character, and your behaviour shapes the tone of the game, your appearance and its outcome.

The new PC version adds new storylines and side quests to the main game, as well as "The Lost Chapters" featuring new monsters, more spells, new items and weapons and new expressions for greater customisation.

You can read our review of the Xbox version here and find more information on The Lost Chapters on Lionhead's website.

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