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Legend releases XMP

Calling all Unreal II players! Calling al... hello? Is anybody there?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The magnificently disappointing Unreal II has, at last, a reason to be dusted off and housed on your hard drives once more. The reason? Multiplayer! And we know how much you needed another multiplayer FPS.

Developer Legend has spent its days toiling away in the background crafting XMP (Extended Multiplayer) - a proper standalone class-based multiplayer game to compliment Unreal II's previous single player exclusivity. The game features eight maps in which players must battle over and control power sources and spawn points, all the while attempting to capture four artefacts. The three player classes will also be able to make use of three different vehicles during play.

XMP's full install (3D Gamers mirror) weighs in at a surprisingly small 274MB, and requires your original Unreal II CD to install. However, should you want to get an impression of the game before clogging up your bandwidth, you could always try the 149MB demo. However, if you've got a CD fetish, you might want to get hold of Atari's planned Special Edition of Unreal II which will feature XMP in the package.

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