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Raven Shield patched. Again.

You know you want it. Well actually you need it, so tough bananas.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Those Red Storm chaps eh? They do like their patches. Not being satisfied with releasing a patch for Raven Shield… not long ago, here's another one! So then, what does this one fix/add/ruin?

Well they've added an Operative SDK for a start, which we're sure is very handy. There are a couple of fixes pertaining to connectivity and CD keys (no more timing out when authorising CD keys; encryption of keys in the registry), the fixing of PunkBuster-related error messages when connecting to an PB-enabled server, a sticking camera issue, and a problem affecting player switching in co-operative play. Finally, the Immediate Firing Animations option now properly displays the three-round burst animation, and the pump-action shotgun reload sound has been restored. Phew!

You're obviously going to need this patch to play Raven Shield online, so we suggest you hop off over to 3D Gamers' file list and pick up your relevant territorial version of the patch, which will upgrade your copy of the game from 1.41 to 1.50. Assuming you had 1.41 that is - if you didn't then… well, have fun. Just look at all those files. I mean… Just release one patch for all the versions for crying out loud! Okay, I'm done.

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