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Go Postal on your pals


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Image credit: Eurogamer

Long-time readers of the site will be well aware of my 'love' affair with the utterly risible FPS Postal 2 - a title which, given the opportunity, will launch me into tirades of abusive language and possible violence directed at surrounding machinery and/or furniture such is the horror of having to experience anything associated with that pathetic, impotent attempt at attention seeking. Which, I suppose, makes me no better than Running With Scissors themselves. Ho hum.

Anyway, not content with boring the press senseless with PR packed with moronic, inane drivel, RWS have gone ahead and developed a multiplayer mode for Postal 2 - a 156MB, three map demo of which can be found right here.

The full multiplayer expansion - called Share The Pain - features fourteen maps and such creative delights as "Snatch", in which players must steal their opponent's "babe" and "score"; "Grab", where players attempt to pick up bags which make them stronger for some reason, and of course deathmatch and team deathmatch modes. Inspired.

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