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More X360 Zero Hour details

It's not on the moon.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 marketing director Chris Di Cesare has shed a bit more light on the Xbox 360 Zero Hour launch party that we talked about yesterday.

Speaking to Kotaku, Di Cesare declined to talk about the specific location, but did say that a) it's about an hour's drive east of Los Angeles and b) "it's not on the moon".

It'll be in an aeroplane hanger too, he said, which is capable of holding far more (ten times more, even) than the 3,000 people Microsoft's inviting. That's 3,000 not including the others who got in through Origen and various members of the press and trade, obviously.

In related news, if you want to be one of those 3,000, you're more than welcome to apply as long as you pay your own way there, says Microsoft. Just sign up on Xbox.com or one of the other fan-sites running applications.

As we told you yesterday, the event - running from sunset (aw) on November 20th to midnight the following day (slash night) - will allow you to play on one of "hundreds" of Xbox 360 pods, and enjoy live entertainment, which includes performance from rock-band Louis XIV (we don't know either) and live DJs.

You could also wind up with an exclusive Zero Hour X360 faceplate to whack on your new console when you get it. Hurrah.

We'll have more on Zero Hour as we approach, er, the time.