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Pop Idol demo released

"You sound like a cat in a vacuum cleaner."

Codemasters has released a demo of its game based on the hugely popular Pop Idol TV show, giving you the chance to try and impress the notoriously awkward judging panel with one of four pre-rolled contestants and various matching costumes.

As with the full game, success in the demo is the matter of doing one of five top ten songs (of the 40 in the full game) justice in the eyes of professional arsehole Simon Cowell (easily the most amusing chap on the panel) and his testy cohorts, with a view to progressing past the undignified cattle grate that is the open auditions.

The demo weighs in at 111MB and is available from Codemasters' website here. The recommend PC spec for the PC Pop Idol (it's also available on PS2) is a 1.2GHz processor, 256MB RAM, a 64MB graphics card and, obviously, a DirectX 9 compatible sound card. You'll also need 250MB hard disk space and a half-gig wodge of swap file to accommodate the demo.

Pop Idol was released on PS2 and PC last Friday.