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Scarface film screening compo

Win some tickets. We'll be there.

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With the world of Scarface: The World Is Yours about to be yours from this Friday, publisher Vivendi-Universal is offering five of you the chance to come and watch the original film at a special screening in London.

Taking place this Thursday, it's a great chance to see Brian De Palma's classic '80s flick on a big screen, taking in Al Pacino's iconic performance on an amazing scale - and it's a great prelude to the game obviously, which picks up where the film left off. Sorta.

And since it's short notice, you have to do even less than usual to win a pair of tickets to come along this Thursday. Just send a message to with your name and email address, and "GIVE TICKETS TO MY RIRREL FRIEND" as the subject, and we'll pick five at random.

Oh, and do make sure you can be in London on Thursday evening when it's going on eh? Tickets will be handed over to winners on the door, with full details provided via email. Go!

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