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Capcom considered new Steel Battalion controller

Instead plans to relaunch the old one for Line of Contact.

Capcom considered launching a new, smaller controller for Steel Battalion sequel Line of Contact, according to reports, but has since changed its mind and will instead re-release the original controller when Line of Contact is finished next March.

According to sources close to Capcom speaking to Game Informer, the new controller mooted for the Live-enabled Line of Contact would have been smaller and more ergonomic than its predecessor, despite retaining all 38 buttons, two joysticks, throttle, pedals and so on. But while the controller was apparently created, it was scrapped quite soon after, presumably because it wasn't deemed economically viable.

If it happens over here, Steel Battalion's controller relaunch will be good news for gamers in the UK, where only 2,000 copies of the game were released in March this year at £129.99, leading to lots of alleged hording amongst store managers, and an eBay black market more lucrative and better stocked than anywhere else. At the time of writing, brand new, boxed copies of the game/controller combo are changing hands for close to £200.

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