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More Xboxes need new power cables than feared

Users in UK and RoI at risk.

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Microsoft has admitted that Xbox consoles manufactured as recently as January of this year may need to have their power cables replaced.

Speaking in a letter sent to Xbox owners, senior vice president Robbie Bach of Microsoft's Home & Entertainment Division said: "We have recently determined that in the UK and Republic of Ireland a small number of consoles manufactured between October 23, 2003 and January 14, 2005, require a new replacement cord as well."

Earlier this year Microsoft announced plans to replace 14.1 million Xbox power cables following the discovery of a fault that had caused "smoke damage, or minor damage to a carpet or entertainment centre" in more than 20 cases.

Microsoft advises that anybody whose Xbox bears a manufacturing date prior to January 14th 2005 on its base either go to and click on "Power Cord Replacement for Xbox" or phone 0800 0289276 to receive a free replacement.

Te replacement cord should take 2-4 weeks to arrive. Microsoft recommends turning off and unplugging your Xbox while it's not in use before said replacement arrives.

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