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Ubi signs Sniper Elite

Out in the autumn.

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Ubisoft has signed up to publish Sniper Elite for PC, PS2 and Xbox in the UK. Screenshots are available here.

The game, which was originally announced as Hitler swept across Europe in the late 30s, is described as "an action/adventure sniper simulation with third and first person interaction". You take on the role of an American sniper who, disguised as a German soldier, is sent into wartorn Berlin in 1945 to find out what Gerry's top secret Atomic research is all about. Atomics, probably.

There are 28 levels to work through as you're charged with taking out machine guns, armoured vehicles, guard posts and sentries with precision accuracy. You'll need to take account of everything from gravity and wind speed to posture, breathing and heart rate thanks to "one of the most authentic sniping mechanics ever devised."

Along with the single player game there are co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes, and you can also go online with up to seven other players.

Sniper Elite is being developed by UK studio Rebellion, who's other 2005 releases include Black Hawk Down for PSP and Dead to Rights: Reckoning for PSP. It's due out in the autumn.

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