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Acclaim signs The Red Star

Blast off.

Acclaim has signed the exclusive videogame rights to Archangel Studios CG-based comic series The Red Star, and hopes to release a slew of games across all next-gen console systems in 2004.

For the uninitiated (including, we must say, us), The Red Star is a recent comic success set in a parallel fantasy universe where an empire based on the Soviet Union (The United Republics of The Red Star, or U.R.R.S.) is slaughtering millions of its own people and battles of militarised sorcery and monolithic technology rage.

The root of the problem is this bloke Imbohl, the nasty fellow ordering all these executions, who seems to think he's on the path to attaining immortality and whose insanity has seen his loyal Heroes of the Red Star abandon his cause and rise up against him - presumably we'll be handling their role in liberating the peoples of the U.R.R.S. from Imbohl's oppressive reign.

"The Red Star is an incredible futuristic allegory, that utilizes a very distinct artistic style to bring its characters and stories to life," according to Acclaim's Barry Jafrato. "We're thrilled to be working with Archangel Studios and are eagerly looking forward to immersing gamers throughout the world in the compelling universe of The Red Star."