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New GC, GBA SP colours

But not for you. Ohhhohohoho no. You don't honestly care do you?

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo will seemingly look for any old excuse to whack out more of its hardware in some new duds. This time, the Japanese colour fetishist is launching a quite ghastly-looking mint green Gamecube to coincide with the release of Namco's Tales of Symphonia RPG in Japan on 29th August.

The company is also launching two new Game Boy Advance SP colours in the US to celebrate the sale of a quite staggering 1.1 million units in less than the ten weeks since launch. The two new units are dubbed Flame and Onyx, which are red and black respectively, and will join the two already existing Cobalt and Platinum shades. Here, have some pictures.

Well anyway, it's all very pretty lads, but how about some good games now, eh?

(Thanks to for the Cube pic)

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