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Trauma Center coming to Wii

Hospital game goes next-gen.

Good news for fans of Trauma Center: Under the Knife, the quirky, er, surgery sim for Nintendo DS - a new instalment in the series is currently in development for the Wii.

Our old friend Internet Reports has been hinting at this for weeks, of course, but now it's been officially confirmed. The game will be titled Trauma Center: Second Opinion, and will no doubt task you with using the Wii's remote controller to slice, dice and sew up your patients.

There's no word on whether our hero Dr Stiles will return, but Internet Reports reckons there may be some kind of feature which will involve linking up your Wii with your DS. He could just be having us on though, the scamp.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion is due out STAT. All right, it won't be here till winter at the earliest, and possibly 2007, but we just wanted to write that. And if anyone can tell us how to complete that stupid level in the DS game where all the aneurisms burst and you fix them but some more burst and IT'S JUST NOT POSSIBLE, we'd be very grateful.

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