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Football Manager '07 for X360

And PSP, and out by Xmas.

Sports Interactive MD Miles Jacobson has revealed that the latest instalment in the Football Manager series will be coming to Xbox 360 and an unspecified handheld (i.e., the PSP, most likely) as well as Mac and PC.

In a post on the SI forums, Jacobson wrote: "Normally at this time of year, we'd be announcing the new features for FM, but we've decided to hold back for a couple of months this year.

"But what I can reveal, and what I will be revealing to the press tomorrow is that Football Manager 2007 is coming before Xmas on PC, Mac and Intel Mac too. I will also be revealing that Football Manager 2007 will also be released on Xbox 360 before Xmas, and that we'll have Football Manager Handheld 2007 before Xmas too."

Jacobson did not reveal any details of the games' features, simply stating that they "are all shaping up really well." Expect more news when E3 kicks off in, ooh, just a matter of HOURS now.