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Titan Quest at E3

Age of Empires bloke's new RPG.

A new action RPG for PC is on the way from Iron Lore Entertainment, the studio set up by Age of Empires co-creator Brian Sullivan.

Titan Quest "blends the best of action, role-playing and adventure genres," according to Sullivan, into a historical epic that set around some of the most famous landmarks of ancient civilisation - including the parthenon, the pyramids, the maze of Knossos, the hanging gardens of Babylon and Chessington World of Adventures. Possibly.

Your mission is to save the human race from the tyranny of the Titans, and to deck a load of mythical creatures along the way. There are more than a thousand different items to collect, and no character classes to choose from at the start of the game - instead, you develop your character by earning points and using them to build up various combat skills.

As you might expect there's also a multiplayer mode, but no details of have been revealed so far. The game will be on show at E3 next week, but in the meantime some screenshots are available here. Titan Quest is slated for release some time next year.