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Giz Ferrari crash: a new twist

Police seek mysterious men.

The mystery surrounding former Gizmondo executive Stefan Eriksson and his crashed Ferrari has deepened following revelations that two men claiming to be "homeland security" appeared at the scene of the accident.

Eriksson claims he was not driving when his USD 1 million Enzo Ferrari crashed on a Californian highway last month, and police have yet to locate 'Dietrich', the man identified by Eriksson as the driver.

According to the LA Times, police are also attempting to ascertain the whereabouts of two men who arrived shortly after emergency crews reached the scene and flashed cards which said they were from homeland security. They were allowed to talk to Eriksson before leaving the scene. Police are now asking the public for help with identifying the two men.

It's also been revealed that Eriksson flashed a card of his own which declared that he was "deputy commissioner" of the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority police's anti-terrorism unit. The SGVTA is a small non-profit organisation which provides transportation for people with disabilities in the California area.

SGVTA commissioner Yosef Maiwandi told the LA Times that he founded the organisation's police department so that he could seek funding for security and perform background checks on potential members.

Maiwandi said that he was introduced to Eriksson by Ashley Posner, who is also a member of the transit board. Posner is Eriksson's civil attorney.

According to Maiwandi, Eriksson offered to install free surveillance cameras and facial scanning technology on SGVTA buses, claiming that he had provided a similar system for transport agencies in England.

Maiwandi carried out a background check on Eriksson, but did not find cause for concern and accepted the offer. In return, Eriksson was given the title of deputy commissioner and a set of business cards. Maiwandi said that the two men claiming to be from homeland security were nothing to do with the SGVTA.

Californian law allows transport agencies to establish police departments, although officers are not allowed to arrest anyone without undergoing training and meeting legal requirements for hiring staff. Most of these departments are certified by the State's Police Officer Standards Commission - but the SGVTA is not. As a result, its officers' powers extend to carrying weapons and making citizen's arrests.

The LA County Sheriff's Department is still looking into the case. Eriksson is said to have given a sample of blood for testing, but refused a recent interview with police.