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Shadow Hearts 3 unveiled

Whereas Shadow Hearts 2 is due out over here tomorrow, in case anyone's not reading our wonderful release dates page.

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Aruze's PS2 J-RPG Shadow Hearts: Covenant is due out tomorrow here in Europe, but back home in Japan attention's already turning toward a third game in the series, which was exposed in this week's Famitsu for the first time.

Shadow Hearts: From The New World, it's called, and GamesAreFun has scans that we won't pinch, but which link-shy people will be interested to hear reveal two characters, Johnny Garland (aged 16) and Shania (aged 21).

According to The Magic Box, which has more detail by virtue, presumably, of actually understanding the words, the story will have a North American setting in the year 1929, and Shania is an elf. Who hunts monsters.

Before all that though, you should seriously consider buying tomorrow's Shadow Hearts: Covenant, and if you're interested you can recap what's in it with our review of the US version.

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